Let's figure this out together.


Jack Lund is the leadership counsel to not-for-profits who brings to bear his unparalleled experience, perspective, and track record to help organizations articulate their highest shared vision and achieve their best possible outcomes. 

understand the complex dynamics of each organization’s culture. Jack can diagnose a situation very quickly, and knows how to establish rapport and credibility and forge lasting relationships across a wide spectrum of audiences, from staff at all levels, volunteers, civic and business leaders to diverse socioeconomic and cultural populations.

Through the collaborative process of a Jack Lund partnership, organizations and leaders receive not only a practical, customized plan that will immediately address their current realties, but they also emerge reassured and reinvigorated, more confident than ever that they can navigate a path through organizational complexity and achieve results they formerly thought improbable.

Jack’s 40-year career in the YMCA— beginning in small-scaled, small-budgeted associations and culminating in a full decade as CEO of the Metro New York Y, the world’s largest—equips him with a broad array of proven skills and successful approaches to organizational transformation, fundraising, board development, marketing and communications, and executive coaching. A self-described generalist who understands how to develop and orchestrate a staff to achieve a specific and far-reaching vision, Jack has spearheaded ambitious change initiatives in not-for-profits large and small and yielded unprecedented results in the history of the YMCA movement. 

In his role as executive counsel, Jack begins by listening first and establishing trust. His let’s figure this out together approach hinges on clear, open communication with leaders as he comes to 



  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Board development and governance
  • Executive coaching
  • Fundraising and capital campaign strategy
  • Community development
  • Organization culture development 
  • Staff development
  • Issue management
  • Best practices advisement 

Jack Lund, principal

When Jack Lund retired as President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater New York, he wanted to continue to advance the Y movement to which he dedicated his entire professional life. Now, as independent counsel and strategic partner to Ys across North America—as well as other not-for-profits whose missions resonate with his passions for community improvement and youth development—Jack brings unparalleled experience and an uncommon perspective in helping leaders and organizations address current challenges and achieve their highest goals. 

Jack began his YMCA career as a Youth Director in his hometown Y, and worked his way through the organization over the span of 40 years. He traversed the entire country, serving in associations large and small, rural and urban, lending him a rich variety of leadership roles as well as hands-on grassroots experience in local communities. He credits his good fortune in serving a wide spectrum of audiences as keys to his own professional development. 

During his decade-long tenure in New York, Jack helped to establish transformative community initiatives, build and renovate more than 1.5 million square feet of facility space including several brand-new branches in underserved neighborhoods, launch a comprehensive professional development campaign for the Y’s 4,500 employees, and pioneer programs in education, civic engagement, and immigrant services. Because his career culminated in New York, he was fortunate to apply all he learned through his years at the country’s largest Y, and now finds himself at another inflection point, where he seeks to lend his experience and expertise to leaders facing challenges and opportunities at organizations no matter the scale. 

In helping leaders chart specific paths toward short-term success and more sustainable futures, Jack quickly discerns organizational culture from the inside out and diagnoses situations quickly. He enters new partnerships with a listen-first attitude and a let’s figure this out together approach. An accomplished fundraiser, charismatic consensus-builder, and self-described generalist who values empowering staff over unilateral decrees, Jack can advise on and influence every area of organizational health, from helping design a comprehensive campaign to developing boards to engaging civic and community leaders to executive coaching in both formal and informal settings. 

In addition to leading the YMCA of Greater New York, Jack chaired several national initiatives for Y-USA, and has served as chair of the YMCA’s Urban Group (now Y North American Network), an organization that comprises the CEOs of the largest YMCAs in North America. On the global stage, Jack is a former chair of the YMCA World Urban Network, a network of YMCA CEOs from the world’s largest cities. 

Jack received his B.A. in Political Science from Philadelphia’s LaSalle University and his M.Ed. in Community Leadership & Development from Springfield College. In 2011, Jack received an honorary doctorate degree from Springfield College, where he served as a Trustee and adjunct professor. 

Jack and his wife Cieli now split their time between Arizona and South Carolina, and have two grown children and two granddaughters. He is a native of Bethlehem, Pa., and an avid cyclist, golfer, pianist, and crossword aficionado.