Jack Lund is the leadership counsel to not-for-profits who brings to bear his unparalleled experience, perspective, and track record to help organizations articulate their highest shared vision and achieve their best possible outcomes. 

understand the complex dynamics of each organization’s culture. Jack can diagnose a situation very quickly, and knows how to establish rapport and credibility and forge lasting relationships across a wide spectrum of audiences, from staff at all levels, volunteers, civic and business leaders to diverse socioeconomic and cultural populations.

Through the collaborative process of a Jack Lund partnership, organizations and leaders receive not only a practical, customized plan that will immediately address their current realties, but they also emerge reassured and reinvigorated, more confident than ever that they can navigate a path through organizational complexity and achieve results they formerly thought improbable.

Jack’s 40-year career in the YMCA— beginning in small-scaled, small-budgeted associations and culminating in a full decade as CEO of the Metro New York Y, the world’s largest—equips him with a broad array of proven skills and successful approaches to organizational transformation, fundraising, board development, marketing and communications, and executive coaching. A self-described generalist who understands how to develop and orchestrate a staff to achieve a specific and far-reaching vision, Jack has spearheaded ambitious change initiatives in not-for-profits large and small and yielded unprecedented results in the history of the YMCA movement. 

In his role as executive counsel, Jack begins by listening first and establishing trust. His let’s figure this out together approach hinges on clear, open communication with leaders as he comes to